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Calling & Auto Diallers

Automatic Dialler Feature in Close CRM


Close CRM's Automatic Dialler feature is designed to streamline your sales and customer engagement process by automating the task of making calls.
Gone are the days of manual dialling and time lost between hanging up one call and dialling the next customer!

Key Features

Seamless Integration - Works smoothly within the Close CRM interface, no third-party applications needed.
One-Click Activation - Activate the automatic dialler with a single click, and start going through your pre-set list of leads without interruption.
Custom Call Lists - Build your list of leads and prioritise them based on your own metrics, ensuring that you reach out to the most promising prospects first.
Live Monitoring and Analytics - Track call performance in real-time, including call duration, outcomes, and agent activity, to gain insights and improve your strategy.
Multi-User Support - Enables multiple team members to use the dialler simultaneously, making it perfect for both small and large teams.

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