Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
In Close, prospects and customers are split into 2 different levels:

The lead corresponds to the client we are speaking to in regards to the sale. In some cases, there might be more than one contact associated with the same lead, as you will learn in the examples below.
The Lead can either be specifically named, for example, the name of a company, or it will automatically take the name of the Primary contact in Close.
We will go into this in more detail in the SOPs mentioned above.


If we are talking to a commercial client, Solar Bill Busters about their solar needs, the Lead is Solar Bill Busters. In this case, the Contacts would be the representatives of the company that we are speaking to.
If we’re speaking to a consumer client, Bob Smith, then the lead and the contact would both be Bob Smith. In this case, we might also have an extra contact, Bob’s wife Barbara, and the Lead would take the name of the Primary Contact in Close.

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