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How to merge leads


This SOP will outline:

How to merge leads
Situations when you might have to merge leads

When would you need to merge a lead?

You would need to merge a lead when there is a duplicate of that lead already in the system.

Before you merge leads, there are a few things you want to check first:
Check the email address to make sure it is the same in both leads
Check the phone number to make sure it is the same in both leads
Once you have checked these details and they match in both leads, you can merge them.


If you have identified a potential duplicate lead, check the contact details on both leads and ensure that both phone numbers and email addresses are identical.
Once you have confirmed it is a duplicate lead, go to the OLDEST LEAD out of the two.
We do this because if conflicts exist in the lead name, description, status, or a custom field, we will keep the data from the destination lead (the newest lead) and discard that data from the current lead.
Click the three dots located to the right of the Lead Name.
Click the Merge option from the dropdown list.
Find the correct destination lead and click Merge into this lead
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