Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
The Importance of Structure

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The Solution

Solution Awareness

Explore past experiences to understand their journey and any potential objections or limiting beliefs you may need to help them overcome.

And have you looked into solar before? What happened?

If they’ve had solar with a different property
OK, cool, how did that go?
Depending on how this goes, you’ll either want to reaffirm the fact that solar is great since they were getting results OR, if it didn’t work for them, ask questions that allow them to come to the conclusion that maybe it was a bad company or they didn’t get the right solar system for them. This is what will set you up for a more decisive close if done correctly.

If they’ve looked but didn’t buy it
Fair enough. What put you guys off going ahead with it at that time?
This is where you uncover any hidden objections they might have about going ahead, such as price or whether they think solar actually works and will work for them. It’s crucial to lay this out on the table now so that we can adequately work towards overcoming these objections right here rather than letting them come up later and ruin your close. Worst case, you find out they’re really not a fit and end the call (e.g. they’re looking for an unbelievably cheap price and won’t go ahead any other way)

If they haven’t looked
Anything that held you back from looking?
Similar to the above, we are looking for hidden objections that held them back from looking in the first place so that we can have this ammunition when we close (e.g. if they say here it’s too expensive when you present you can say “you know how you mentioned you thought solar is too expensive? Well, it is expensive, to be honest, which is why most people don’t get it. But that’s why we install solar for you on our No Net Cost payment plan so that you pay nothing upfront and the payments for the solar system cost you the same or less than your power bill.”)
And have you heard much about our company, Solar Bill Busters?
Solar Bill Busters: Established in 2020, but with over 20 years of experience of its leadership in the solar industry. With a 5 star google rating, and focus primarily on quality and service. For that reason, we won’t be the cheapest guys around, and we don’t want to be. Because cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap. What our aim is, is to ensure that you get a good quality system, with a great installation, at a fair price. And if you qualify and would rather pay it off, we will make it work in a way that you don’t spend any more money than what you’re currently spending. Does that make sense? Do you feel that fits what you might be looking for?
Especially considering the fact that over 1,000 solar companies have gone bankrupt since 2010, leaving 600,000 orphaned solar systems according to the ABC’s estimate, which means that, if something goes wrong, the homeowner has to pay thousands out of pocket to get it fixed. You know what I mean by that?

Let’s say you go through the process of asking a few companies to come out and quote, once you’ve got those quotes, how would you decide who to go with?

Clarifying Questions

When you say XYZ, what do you mean by that?
When you say XYZ, how do you mean? OR SIMPLY How do you mean?
Mirroring: Repeat back 1 - 3 words they said that you want them to clarify further

Probing Questions:

Why is that so important for you now?
Has that had an impact on you? In what way?
Time for a change... possibly?

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