Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
The Importance of Structure

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The Intro


Hey HUSBAND and WIFE, YOUR NAME here from Solar Bill Busters. How you going?
Now I know we had this time scheduled for us to go over the details and to see if you qualify for our government-funded program, is this still a good time? I can call you later if you’re busy.
Prospect: Yes it’s a good time

Strong Frame

Ok cool. So the purpose of the call today is to review the numbers to see if solar makes sense for you and if you qualify for the government-funded program where you can get solar for $0 upfront on a 0% interest plan. If you do qualify and if the numbers make sense, we will then process your application together to see if we can get you approved for the program so you can start saving money.
Does that make sense? Do you have any questions about that before we start?

A strong frame is the make-or-break point of your sales. THIS is where the sale is made, not in your pitch or your objection handling. They MUST agree that, if it makes sense, we will process their application on the call. If they are being wishy-washy, you just respectfully end the call and let them know they can rebook once they are serious about making a change.


“Do I have to make a decision today?”

You don’t “have” to do anything you don’t want to do. But I mean, if the numbers make sense and you can see that going with solar will save you money without costing you anything out of pocket, can you see any reason why you wouldn’t do it?
If they keep pushing and say “I’m not deciding anything today”, you can say:
Fair enough. So it sounds to me that even if all the numbers make sense and even if you can see that bills will keep going up, and solar will save you money without costing anything out of pocket, and even if I throw a Ferrari on top, that you still wouldn’t be ready to make a decision. Is that right?
If they say yes:
No problem. I respect that you might not be ready for this conversation just yet. Maybe it’s best for us to park the call here, I can send you over some bits of information, nothing too specific because that’s the point of the call, but some bits and bobs that might help you understand better. Then, when you’re ready to consider whether it’s for you or not seriously, we can schedule this conversation again. Sounds good?

“Does this lock me in?”

Look, I’m not asking you to get married to me or anything like that today, so if you do go ahead and then change your mind for whatever reason, we can probably find a way to forgive you :)

“My partner is not here - I’ll just get the info and then I can go over it with her”

That’s fair enough. I respect the fact that you might be the sole decision-maker here. The thing is, we’ve had these conversations a few thousand times by now, and we always find that one of two things happen if we proceed with just one of you.
One, we get to the end of the next call, which usually goes for 30 - 45 minutes, and it’s so much information that you end up wanting to book another call with your partner so they can help you make the right decision. Then we have to repeat the process again and have another 45-minute call, which just doubles the time that the process takes.
The second is, we do get to the end of the next call, and you move forward with it, and then your partner comes home, doesn’t like the fact that you’ve done it without him/her, and they call us up the next day to cancel it, which just wastes everyone’s time. Do you see what I’m saying here?
So, how do you think we should proceed from here so that we can make the best use of everyone’s time?
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