Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
3. Sales Philosophy

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The Myth of Price and Money


Price objection is a MYTH - especially with solar, where payment plans that cost the same as their energy bills are available.

The only true objection is VALUE - When value overcomes price, you have a sale. If they see the value in what you are selling, above and beyond the price and difficulty of getting it, you will have a deal on your hands.

Value Equation

Dream Outcome x Likelihood of Achievement

Effort & Sacrifice x Time Delay

The Value Equation shows us how to build Value in the prospect's mind.

Element 1. Dream Outcome

The Dream Outcome is the outcome that our ideal prospects are looking for. We must clearly present how our product will achieve their Dream Outcome. Some examples of this are:
Save 80-100% on your electricity bills
Own instead of Rent your power
Add up to $125,000 in Property Value by adding solar

Element 2. Likelihood of Achievement

The Likelihood of Achievement comes down to your prospect's perception of how likely they are to achieve that outcome. If they are sold by the Dream Outcome, and they believe they have a 100% Likelihood of Achievement with you, you’ve mastered the top part of this equation. Some elements that help this are:
Great reviews
Bill Savings Guarantee - Where we guarantee their savings or they don’t pay!
How long you’ve been in business

Element 3. Effort & Sacrifice

Effort & Sacrifice is the first element in the bottom half of the equation, which is the half that we want to decrease or minimise. If we can show them how to achieve their Dream Outcome with a 100% likelihood of Achievement but a tremendous amount of Effort & Sacrifice on their part, they will still need to “Think About It”. However, if we can show them it will take minimal Effort & Sacrifice, it will become a no-brainer. Some examples of this are:
Interest-free payment plans
This one is twice as good because “0% Interest” lowers sacrifice immediately, and there’s a perception of no lost money due to a payment plan. Additionally, they are usually a “No Doc” application, meaning we don’t need income documents to get approved most of the time, just a Driver’s Licence.
Instants Approvals
We handle all the paperwork for them, from finance to rebates, and communicate with their electricity company.

Element 4. Time Delay

Time Delay is the last element which, once again, we want to decrease. The lower the Time Delay, the higher the value in the prospect's mind. This is why Liposuction is a billion-dollar industry, where people are avoiding both the Effort & Sacrifice of losing weight the traditional way and the Time Delay associated with that method. Some examples of how to show this are:
Quickest Installation Turnaround
Our installers are some of the quickest, if not the quickest, to get solar systems installed and operational. In metro areas, this is from 2 - 14 days usually. Sometimes, we’ve even booked next-day installations after approvals were received. Regional will be slightly longer, at roughly 1 - 4 weeks.
Start saving 80-100% on bills within a month.

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