Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
Solar At Scale - Solar Closer Mastery
4. Strategy Session

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The Importance of Structure


Connect with the prospect’s problems and their impact as per the triage.

I can see you were speaking with SETTER, and he left me some notes about how you were looking into (solution) because your (problem) is causing you to (impact).

My engineer has already had a look at the roof and the details you sent over, and I have some stuff I can go over with you, but this might be more appropriate: What were you hoping to cover on the call today, just so I can focus on you and what you might be looking for?

Solution Awareness

Explore past experiences to understand their journey and any potential objections or limiting beliefs you may need to help them overcome.

And have you looked into solar before? What happened?

If they’ve had solar with a different property
OK, cool, how did that go?
Depending on how this goes, you’ll either want to reaffirm the fact that solar is great since they were getting results OR, if it didn’t work for them, ask questions that allow them to come to the conclusion that maybe it was a bad company or they didn’t get the right solar system for them. This is what will set you up for a more decisive close if done correctly.

If they’ve looked but didn’t buy it
Fair enough. What put you guys off going ahead with it at that time?
This is where you uncover any hidden objections they might have about going ahead, such as price or whether they think solar actually works and will work for them. It’s crucial to lay this out on the table now so that we can adequately work towards overcoming these objections right here rather than letting them come up later and ruin your close. Worst case, you find out they’re really not a fit and end the call (e.g. they’re looking for an unbelievably cheap price and won’t go ahead any other way)

If they haven’t looked
Anything that held you back from looking?
Similar to the above, we are looking for hidden objections that held them back from looking in the first place so that we can have this ammunition when we close (e.g. if they say here it’s too expensive when you present you can say “you know how you mentioned you thought solar is too expensive? Well, it is expensive, to be honest, which is why most people don’t get it. But that’s why we install solar for you on our No Net Cost payment plan so that you pay nothing upfront and the payments for the solar system cost you the same or less than your power bill.”)

Clarifying Questions

When you say XYZ, what do you mean by that?
When you say XYZ, how do you mean? OR SIMPLY How do you mean?
Mirroring: Repeat back 1 - 3 words they said that you want them to clarify further

Probing Questions:

Why is that so important for you now?
Has that had an impact on you? In what way?
Time for a change... possibly?

Strong Frame

Ok cool. So the purpose of the call today is to review the numbers to see if solar makes sense for you and if you qualify for the government-funded program where you can get solar for $0 upfront on a 0% interest plan. If you do qualify and if the numbers make sense, we will then process your application together to see if we can get you approved for the program so you can start saving money. If not, at least we know why it won’t make sense in your situation.
Does that make sense? Do you have any questions about that before we start?

Future Pacing

Helps the prospect visualise the light at the end of the tunnel and feel what it would be like to solve their problems with your solution.

Let’s say we can help you get a solar system installed and save you, say, 80-90% of your bills moving forward, how would things be different for you?
Knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month and that it won’t go up?

Cost of Inaction

I don’t mean for this to come across the wrong way because I’ve enjoyed our conversation so far, but with electricity bills that have just gone up on August 1st and the federal budget predicting that they’re going to increase another 50% in the next 2 - 3 years, have you considered how much you’ll actually be spending on electricity over the next few years?


So, how important is it for you to protect yourself and your family against these rising costs?


Based on what you told me, what we do here could actually work for you.
Because you know how you said that you want (desired outcome), but right now you have (problem), and it’s causing you to feel (impact/emotion)?
Because you know how you said that you want to save money on your power bills, but the bills just keep increasing every year, and it’s causing you to feel, I think you mentioned, a little bit of.. stress? sometimes?


A simple presentation of your solution

Build Momentum (Use at your discretion)
Okay, so looking at your bill here, Can I ask, is there anything in place to keep them from being able to raise this?
What type of agreement do you have with your electric provider that allows them to raise your rate and not even need your permission? Do you agree with that?
What is it about that that you don't agree with exactly?
Probe deeper:
- How does that affect you when that happens?
- Has that had an impact on you? In what way, though?
- What bothers you the most about that, if anything?

If you called up your electric provider and asked them what your electric bill will be in the future, what do you think they'd say?
How are you supposed to budget for this when your electric provider does not even know?
Do you have an answer to avoid this if you can't control the bill?
Have you thought about the consequences of not having any control over your electricity costs though?
Sounds like that’s important to you / That makes sense...

Well, here’s what we do and how it would work for you:
Firstly, you’ll save about $1,200 a year from solar, about $100 monthly. Then, on an interest-free plan, your solar payment is about $96 per month for the next seven years. So the way it works is you save $100 and pay $96, which is a bit cheaper than you are now, and after seven years, you’re done! No longer paying a huge bill and no longer paying for the system. And since the panels have a 25-year warranty, even after seven years, you still have 18 years of warranty left to go on your system. Does that make sense?
Any questions about how any of that works?
*Keep the presentation simple, but you need to be able to answer questions confidently*


Are you comfortable with what we’ve gone over so far? Can I ask why?
And based on what we discussed, does this sound like it could be the... answer for you?
And based on what we discussed, does this sound like possibly what you were looking for?
Mind if I ask why?
Any particular benefit that stands out for you?
Well, I don’t really have anything else to go over with you, it sounds like we’ve covered what you might be looking for. Usually, the next step from here is to arrange your pre-approval for the payment plan, which takes about 2 minutes we would just need some details from your driver’s licence. Would that be appropriate, or how would you like to proceed from here?

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